Myanmar sex room

19-Nov-2017 06:35

Yes, you do it through a screen, but still it’s a sort of voyeurism.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, everybody has a bit of voyeur fetishism.

The median of the methods estimated a population size of FSW in Yangon at 4992 (acceptable upper and lower bounds: 4482–5753) and 3315 (2992–3368) in Mandalay.

These estimates translate to a population prevalence of FSW among adult women (age 18–49 years) of 0.35 % (0.32–0.40 %) in Yangon and 0.77 % (0.69–0.84 %) in Mandalay.

In the 9th century, the Bamar people entered the upper Irrawaddy valley and, following the establishment of the Pagan Kingdom in the 1050s, the Burmese language, culture and Theravada Buddhism slowly became dominant in the country.

The Pagan Kingdom fell due to the Mongol invasions and several warring states emerged.

Recently, China overplayed its hand, creating an opening for the West.

A British colony for more than 100 years and administered as part of the Indian Empire, Myanmar’s history weighs heavily on modern policies.

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