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28-Jan-2018 02:22

ROBERTSON (Deputy Director, Asia Division, Human Rights Watch): Entire areas were burned down. KO AUNG: They get out like 4,000, 5,000 people, and then they surrounded the village; they attack the Muslim.

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Girls in these areas are in a precarious position, constantly in danger of being trafficked across foreign borders.YANGON - Myanmar's government is drafting a law that could see men jailed for up to seven years for getting a woman pregnant but not marrying her, a senior official said on Wednesday.The provision is part of tough new legislation designed to strengthen women's rights as the country opens up after half a century of military rule.LUCKY SEVERSON, correspondent: Violence in Myanmar, also known as Burma.

Rohingya Muslims being burned out of their villages and driven out of their country by mobs of Buddhists, which sometimes include monks.According to the United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking: “Myanmar is a source country for women, children, and men trafficked for the purposes of forced labour and commercial sexual exploitation.