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The counters (the enclosed shapes within characters) should be rounded and open, not angular or rectangular. A good example of a typeface with these attributes is Sassoon Primary, designed specifically for children.

Typefaces with larger x-heights are generally easier to read than those with short x-heights, and this is especially true for children.

Characteristics which span letters become the things we want to focus on, particularly at the beginning of the design process.

Depending on the typeface, up to twice as much copy can be put in the same space using a narrower typeface.

Our task as type designers is not so much to create an utterly new form but rather to create a new version of an existing form. Finding just the right amount to change in order to excite but not to alienate a reader is a tricky thing.

Often designers get stuck in letter-specific thinking.

This often means that the design and spacing of each part of the typeface ends up being a series of careful compromises.

These compromises mean that we can best think about typeface design as the creation of a wonderful collection of letters but not as a collection of wonderful letters.

In other words we must think about the group and how it will perform together and prioritize this over any question of what is wonderful in a single letter.