Dating the emergence of pandemic influenza

04-Jan-2018 15:39

The People’s Republic of China is one of the global leaders in vaccine research and production, and an active participant in international PI initiatives, but despite steps to improve influenza surveillance and ministerial coordination, major challenges remain to Chinese PI response preparedness.Substantial global concern has emerged in recent years regarding China’s ability to effectively monitor, prevent, and contain infectious disease threats within its borders.About a decade ago, scientists and public health officials feared that we might be on the brink of a pandemic caused by the so-called avian or bird H5N1 flu that began circulating among poultry, ducks, and geese in Asia and spread to Europe and Africa.Paul Hoffman: Our next presenter is Michael Worobey.It is caused by a group of continuously changing viruses called influenza viruses.Influenza viruses change easily and often, they are unpredictable, and they can be deadly.So coming from British Columbia, I’d like to use the saguaro as the teaching tool.Pandemic influenza has occurred at fairly regular intervals throughout history and will be repeated.

This page provides information on the authorisation and use of vaccines against pandemic influenza.

Influenza vaccines are used to immunise people against a flu virus that is in circulation among the population.

They are one of the most effective means for preventing people from becoming infected and for controlling the spread of the disease.

As a society, we are also seeing an erosion of social capital.

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Neighbors do not communicate with each other like they have in the past and most people are not as involved in their communities as their parents or grandparents.The 2006 media attention on the growing threat of avian influenza prompted interest and involvement by many organizations that are not usually engaged in preparedness.

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